Welcome to Western Gas

Western Gas is a Western Australian company focused on exploring and accelerating development of our strategic resource position in the heart of the North West Shelf, Australia’s premier natural gas basin.

Our strategy is focussed on adding significant value to our portfolio through high impact exploration drilling and maturing our Equus Gas Project to meet growing domestic and export gas shortages.

We hold 4300 km2 of acreage (100%) comprising four Exploration Permits and a Retention Lease, with exploration activities in our Equus permits resulting in 15 discoveries from the drilling of 17 wells, an exploration success rate of 88%.

We are scheduled to drill the Sasanof-1 exploration well in Q2 2022 – our first exploration well drilled in our extensive exploration portfolio surrounding the Equus Gas Project.

Sasanof is a world-class Prospect that is on trend and updip of the Mentorc Gas and Condensate Field and covers an area of up to 400 km2. Independent assessment by ERC Equipoise Ltd (ERCE) of the Sasanof Prospect estimates a 2U Prospective Resource of 7.2 Tcf gas and 176 Million bbls condensate (P50 recoverable), with a 32% Chance of Success. The high case 3U Prospective Resource estimate is 17.8 Tcf gas and 449 Million bbls condensate (P10).

The Equus Gas Project is a development ready certified 2 Tcf gas and 42 MMbbl condensate resource (2C) that is well positioned to meet expected domestic and export gas shortages, with sufficient gas to supply 300 TJ of gas a day for 20 years or 2 million tonnes of LNG for 20 years.

Our collaborative and flexible approach to our business is a key strength and we are partnering with some of the world’s leading oil and gas and financial service providers to unlock the value of our exploration portfolio and the Equus Project.